Key Words: Expansion of the historic town center / Kepp on building / Access to the mönchsberg mountain

Key Words: Endless history / The city and its Market / The square and "Schloss Mirabell"

Key Words: Reflecting on the banal / Getting interwovem into the historic town center / Opening up to history

Key Words: A place of culture-subculture / Rethinking the site / Putting topography into play

Key Words: Reaching the site / The panorama of the city / Expanding the museum

Key Words: Art and nature / An Oasis in the city / Getting connected with the city and the salzach river

Key Words: Reinterpreting the site / Multiplying functions / Getting connected with the pre-existing

Key Words: Substituting the existing / Making the site more dense / Creating a relationship with downtown

Key words: Expanding the city beyond the tracks / Increasing vertical density / Reinforcing public space

Key Words: The city´s northern gate / Reorienting on the large scale / The artificial landscape

Key Words: Connecting with the city / Reestablishing emptiness / Redefining the site

Key Words: Reusing the modern / The city´s southern gate / The new "Schaulager" warehouse showcase for theater and art

Key Words: The city of the 21st century / Technology and infrastructure / For an urban topography